Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home-schooling is fun!

In the USA alone 2,3 million children are home-schooled, with the home-schooling population rapidly growing!

But home-schooling isn't only a realistic choice in the United States. In fact people are home-schooling all over the world and these days it's easier than ever before.

This is perhaps the most comprehensive guide on home-schooling ever published, because it shows all you need to know, if you want to go all the way as a home-schooling parent. Once you decide to leave the beaten path, the teaching is no longer just a way of getting through a curriculum; it becomes a way of preparing your child for life. It is also a turning away from sour duties and crowded, noisy classrooms; instead, all of a sudden, it becomes a free life chosen together with your loved ones.

"Home-schooling is fun!" will show you:

- how easy it is to home-school - for everyone!

- the exact steps of how to start up in your country.

- which materials to use.

- how to administrate the teaching.

- how to deal with the authorities.

- how to do it so effectively that it's not a time-consuming duty, but an enjoyable pleasure.

- lots of links, so you can connect up to other parents or home-schooling activities.

Did you know that ...

- home-schooling is a legal option in most countries across the world?

- most parents don't really dare to make the big jump, because they just don't know enough about it?

- it doesn't matter if you are a teacher, or even if you have any education at all, because surveys show that even the children of parents who don't have a college degree still score better on tests than state school pupils

Would you believe that...

- you save your country a fortune* by home-schooling your child, and that the new home-schooling trend could be a big contribution in turning the economy around? (* approximately $ 16 billion per year in the US alone!)

- we spent no more time on home-schooling our youngest child, than we spent on supporting our eldest child through state school?

"Home-schooling is fun!" will inform you about:

- what the different types of independent learning are

- what un-schooling really is

- what the basics of studying are - so you and your child can study any subject.

- what to do when your child is hyperactive or troublesome in other ways, and how to ensure that your family stays close together and happy.

- how to teach your child social responsibility and manners.

- how to bring up children so they are self-disciplined.

- how to make sure your child is and stays healthy.

- how to have a happy family life.

If you should live in one of the few countries where home-schooling is not a legal option, you can still use the information from this book to create a happy family life, to help your child to follow the school's curriculum, and to handle the daily challenges that a life with children offers.


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