Monday, June 24, 2013

Under the Sicilian Sun

Life could hardly be worse. It's the middle of winter in Scandinavia. The main character of this heart-warming story is unemployed, broke, depressed and the single mother of a little six year-old boy, who has ADHD.

Then she gets invited on holiday to Sicily. She gets to experience the beauty, the culture, the countryside and most of all the warmth of the local people of this ancient Mediterranean island. Everything changes. 

She ends up finding solutions to both her and her son's problems, and she finds love where and when she least expected it.

This is not just a romantic feel-good-story. It's also a philosophically rich work, which touches the thoughts and emotions of all of us.

As a bonus, the island life is illustrated with real-life-pictures of Sicily in springtime, so you feel like you are on holiday, while reading this little diary.

Another bonus is that this book includes a chapter with plenty of tips on how to help children with ADHD.


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