Saturday, August 3, 2013

A nostalgic football novel

Follow the reminiscing of Mayor Sid Shufflebottom, Chairman of Upper Nozeley Athletic, as he recalls the Lancashire Combination club's dramatic and extraordinary run in the 1958-9 F.A. Cup. 

How does new manager, and ex-professional, Joe Megson, drum a bunch of talented amateurs into giant-killers? 
What are: "'Arold's 'Ammer", the "cave", and the "Witches breath"?
Is a sense of direction actually necessary for a good dribbler?
Can Dick Digglesworth really be trusted?
Where does the laughing gas come in?

Not everything is done by the book, but as Sid says, "It's all part o' game, tha knows."

If you haven't had your fill of hot pot and hot vimto today, you haven't read:
"Real Footy - the original"

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  1. ...cute little fella. But I must admit, I have no clou about soccer.

    However, the book looks really interesting and I am wishing lot`s of goals for the author and the reader as well!