Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Year on the Island

January 3, 2014
It's almost a decade since teenage Mia moved from Solkrogen, the harbor of her childhood, to follow her dreams, leaving behind her family and a safe way of life.
She is now on her way back to Scandinavia, with both her dreams and her worst nightmares having come true.

The memories of her idyllic childhood in Solkrogen draw her back to the Danish isle of Fejø.
She feels ready to start up a new career and a brand new life on an ancient farm with an enclosed orchard, in the heart of the Danish Kingdom.

Yet, as idyllic and peaceful as her surroundings are, the battle is still raging inside her. As a landmine-victim, her daily life isn't exactly easy.
Perhaps buying an old farmhouse that needed so much attention was being a little too optimistic? Perhaps she should have settled for living humbly off her pension, rather than investing it all in an attempt to make it on her own once again?

While the challenges seem endless, so are the surprises and the rewards, once she dares to give things a chance!

This moving story is a journey into the heart and mind of someone who has been through hell, set in one of the most idyllic islands in Scandinavia. A journey in which - in spite of all the odds - she still manages to win back a life that is not only worth living, but once again is sweet and full of promise for a bright tomorrow!

The diary-like entries make the story a very personal experience, and special additions, such as a plenitude of photographs and occasional recipes, help to convey the feeling of being on the island with Mia.

Each Solkrogen-book is an individual story. The books don't need to be read in order. All you need to know is explained along the way and in the back of the book.

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