Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cease Fire

This is the closing poem of one of my novels.
Two people who found themselves in an impossible situation were full of hatred for oneanother but ended up becomming friends once again - in spite of everything!

Cease Fire

When all the fighting is done,
And cease fire remains the everlasting reality,
It will only have happened because
One has moved on.
-On past the barriers of the material world,
Into new and almost Holy Realms.

The cognition seems to come as a surprise,
That in this almost forgotten Kingdom of the self
It is I who governs all,
Has the power to decide over good or bad,
And will be the only one commanding voice
To be heard across the plains of this vast deserted land.

Life shall return that one day
And so will the many that wish to live in the peace
That the love for their fellow man is guiding them towards.
But before that fine day, it is I alone, who holds the key,
Who makes the choice of listening to the right voice inside of me.
-A light-hearted decision of only living in the image of God from now on!

No matter what seas we have been sailing, we will always roll back home.
Yet, shipwrecked on ice-strewn waters, I can only pray to find the port.
With thick fog reducing vision to blindness,
Awareness has dropped below feeling completely numb.
Still I hold out, in spite of running low on hope, which, in fact,
Remains the only fuel that still can see us through - at this stage!

Finding my spirits being gently lifted high above the cloud cover,
I wonder what did it,
What made all the difference in the world!
Was it fait?
A Higher Power?
Or just a simple decision of the self?

Now, that I can almost touch the gracious garments of God,
I feel such love and compassion surrounding me.
Suddenly understanding is the key and reaching out the only cure.
Having eventually experienced it myself,
I finally feel free to pass it on
And have it flourish for all eternity!


  1. I liked the picture and loved the poem.
    I also can relate to this situation :)
    nice post

  2. Beautifully written Sarah Sofia, I love the poem.♥

  3. Beautiful Sarah! How do you find the time in what must be a very busy life? Very creative, Excellent!

  4. I thought I just commented on this but I really do wish you luck. You have a gift for this!

  5. Beautiful poem and pic. :-)

  6. Just excellent. I'll try to translate it into Greek!

  7. Mit Feuergruß in den hohen Norden!

  8. Neil made a comment about your link:

    "This is a lovely site, lovely books and such a nice poem."

  9. Nicely stated. You have come to the realization that we are all connected, yet, individuals who can decide what our fate will be.

    Editorial note: There are places where you might want to look at word selection again, e.g., fair vs. fate.

  10. Oops. That's what I get for not proof reading my own comments. I meant to compare fait and fate. Sorry about that.

  11. In Cease Fire, the two people cease fire in bones white, like foam surfing on the shores of the sea. Their anger consumed in the celestial fire of the stars, their heavenly bodies. They agree to disagree. They have to live somewhere, somewhere in the eternity of your poem.

  12. Thank you for all the comments! very kind of you and very much appreciated!