Monday, July 2, 2012

New exciting detective novel with an intelligent twist

In a quiet residential area of London lies the body of a businessman wearing a highly convincing theatrical mask; murdered in a truly bizarre fashion. 

DSI Morgan Keane is presented with a case unlike any he has faced before.
Who was the killer’s intended victim: the deceased or the person he appeared to be? Or was it perhaps a random killing? 
Why was the victim wearing a mask? Who was the person being imitated? And if the killer had made a mistake, then how was Keane going to keep a lid on this, so as to protect the intended victim? 

With no witnesses, no motive and an unidentified corpse, this turns out to be a case that stretches Keane’s ingenuity, guile and intelligence to the limit. Before its conclusion, it will take him to France and his assistant, DS Hayes, to Australia. He will need the assistance of his MI6 contact, his boss, his wife and a Danish restaurant owner!

Set in 1995, this fast-paced novel unfolds subtly and with humour, building to a completely unexpected climax.

To make a Killing is the first book in the Keane series. The next will be out in autumn 2012.


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