Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel Guide - Scandinavia

For many people being able to visit a polar region is just a dream.
But it's a dream that can easily come true, as it takes less than 2 days by car with two drivers, to reach the shore of the Barents Sea! And those 40+ hours and 2500 km will be packed with plenty of excitement, new impressions and spectacular sights to see on the way.

In this book, I will take you up the most direct and fastest way. But I will also offer you plenty of ideas, so you can make your holiday as long as you want it to be. We will take the route from the German isle of Fehmarn to the Lappish town of Inari in northern Finland. From there a small, but very scenic road will lead us into Norway, where we will meet the E6. It's then only a little more than an hour to the most north-easterly town in Europe: Kirkenes.
Illustrated with more than 180 pictures, links, tips and small anecdotes, this book is as much a personal diary as it is a travel guide.

“The truly wonderful thing about a journey through Scandinavia in your own car is the view outside your window. You are covering seemingly endless distances through a vast country. And you watch it change. Bit by bit. The landscape, the culture, the people... until civilization more or less ends and you find yourself all alone in the middle of nowhere, just you and Mother Nature. That gives you a much better understanding of where you are, and also who you are in relation to all this grand magnificence, than if you were to just take a plane up to Kirkenes Højbuktmoen. You would just be getting off the plane, wondering why it's so cold (or so warm!), not knowing what has happened during the 2,500 km that lie behind you!”

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